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Archive | August, 2013

Priscilla & Aquilla: Tentmakers

Published August 25, 2013

Preached:  August 25, 2013
Scriptures:  Excerpts from Acts 18

The Emperor Claudius pronounced an edict in AD 49, ordering all Jews to leave Rome.  Jews lived throughout the Roman Empire. To the average Roman, the Jews seemed more peculiar than …

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To an Unknown God

Published August 18, 2013

Preached:  August 18, 2013
Scriptures:  Excerpts from Acts 17

The portion of scripture we are looking at today details Paul’s second missionary journey – he had a falling out and parted ways with Barnabas, taking Silas, Timothy and Luke with …

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Paul & Silas: Open Prison Doors

Published August 11, 2013

Preached: August 11, 2013
Scripture: Excerpts from Acts 16

This narrative from Acts 16 is action-packed. It includes: an exorcism, a mob scene, a kangaroo court, a flogging, a prison-cell, a prison-church, an earthquake, an altar call, a conversion, a …

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Arguments & Reconciliation

Published August 4, 2013

Preached:  August 4, 2013
Scriptures:  Excerpts from Acts 15

What happens when you get two or more people together?  You discover just how many differences of opinion there are.

Humorous illustration:  How Many Christians Does it Take to Change a …

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