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Sand Point Community UMC is hiring an Office Manager!

SPCUMC in NE Seattle is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Office Manager.  Interested persons are asked to review the condensed job description below and email a cover letter and resume
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Gratitude – Dr. Tom Trzyna, pulpit guest

Preached:  November 24, 2013

Scriptures:  John 4:5-15

Our topic today is gratitude, but before we begin, a few words about the Advent Enrichment series to come. Cathy, Berta, Will and Kim will join me for open ended discussions of four …

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Oh Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble

Preached: October 27, 2013
Scriptures: Luke 18:9-16

Jesus offers his listeners many parables to tell them what the Kingdom of God is like, and by the end of the story he turns the tables upside down on his audience.  These …

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Persistent Widow

Preached:  October 20, 2013
Scriptures:  Luke 18:1-8

There was this song my brothers sang to me when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  “Go away little girl.”  When I was a kid – I was a bother. I …

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Blessing of the Animals

Preached:  October 13, 2013
Scriptures:   Genesis 1 & 2

The Bible tells us that when the floods came, God rescued each species through Noah & the ark. God made a covenant with fish of the sea & birds of the …

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World Communion Sunday

Preached:  October 6, 2013
Scriptures:  John 15:1-17

Some of you know that before I came here to be your pastor almost 5 years ago, I served Snoqualmie UMC as their pastor for 3 1/2 years.  The great gift of being …

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Home by Another Way: Homecoming Sunday

Preached:   September 29, 2013
Psalm 122; Ruth 1

HOME – I imagine we all have so many connotations, perspectives, definitions, experiences of that one word – from geography, to people, to our soul’s memory, and ultimately to our home
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Hungry for Love – Berta Cohen, pulpit guest

Preached: September 1, 2013
Scriptures: Luke 14: 1, 7-14

Hungry for love may sound like the title to a popular song, but this sermon is not about singing.   It is about eating.  Specifically it is about table manners, about giving …

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Priscilla & Aquilla: Tentmakers

Preached:  August 25, 2013
Scriptures:  Excerpts from Acts 18

The Emperor Claudius pronounced an edict in AD 49, ordering all Jews to leave Rome.  Jews lived throughout the Roman Empire. To the average Roman, the Jews seemed more peculiar than …

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To an Unknown God

Preached:  August 18, 2013
Scriptures:  Excerpts from Acts 17

The portion of scripture we are looking at today details Paul’s second missionary journey – he had a falling out and parted ways with Barnabas, taking Silas, Timothy and Luke with …

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