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Paul & Silas: Open Prison Doors

Preached: August 11, 2013
Scripture: Excerpts from Acts 16

This narrative from Acts 16 is action-packed. It includes: an exorcism, a mob scene, a kangaroo court, a flogging, a prison-cell, a prison-church, an earthquake, an altar call, a conversion, a …

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Arguments & Reconciliation

Preached:  August 4, 2013
Scriptures:  Excerpts from Acts 15

What happens when you get two or more people together?  You discover just how many differences of opinion there are.

Humorous illustration:  How Many Christians Does it Take to Change a …

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The First Christians

Preached:  July 28, 2013
Scriptures:  Acts 11:21-30 & Excerpts from Acts 13 & 14

The geography in the book of Acts shifts north to Antioch, with Peter being left in Jerusalem. Antioch will soon become the staging area and springboard …

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All are Welcome: Peter’s Paradigm Shift

Preached:  July, 21, 2013
Scriptures:  Excerpts from Acts 10 & 11

Many of you know that I have 5 older brothers – if I told you I love them all the same, that wouldn’t be quite telling the truth.  I …

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Who Needs to Be Converted

Preached:  July 14, 2013
Scriptures:  Excerpts from Acts 9

Earlier this year, a few weeks after Easter, I had a really profound theological conversation with Bruce Taylor who had just taught this lesson in Sunday School.  It was one of …

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Stephen, Witness & Martyr

Preached:  July 7, 2013
Scripture:  Excerpts from Acts 7

The back story:  In the 1st century after the crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus, there were man Greek speaking Jews called Hellenists, and Hebrews who spoke Aramaic, the main language spoken …

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Walking and Leaping and Praising God

Preached: June 30, 2013
Scripture: Excerpts from Acts 3-5

This sermon is from a series preached between June 30-August 25, 2013 based on excerpts from the Book of Acts using the translation from
The Dust Off Their Feet by Brian

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Abundance and Scarcity

Preached:    June 9, 2013
Scriptures:   I Kings 17:8-16

Today’s theme is about scarcity, a very uplifting topic – that sense of “not enough”.

What is the worst possible thing you could think of running out of in your home, or …

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Wonderful Words of Life

Preached:  May 26, 2013 (Trinity Sunday)
Scripture:  Proverbs 8; John 14

Today is Trinity Sunday – when ponder the doctrine of the holy trinity – Some people repeat the whole trinitarian formula – in the name of the father, and …

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Pentecost Spirit

Preached:  May 19, 2013


I remember being on a trolley in San Francisco when I was 4 years old.  Up to that point in my life it was the most diversity
I had experienced in my vast 4 years …

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